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Drop-in is running beginning on January 10th, 2023 on Tuesdays from 12:00-1:15 PM. Registration is no longer required as Covid-19 restrictions have been eased. The suggested drop in donation is $3 per child, thank you!

Registration for the 2023-2024 School year begins February 1st.

Play is how children experience their world and bring meaning to it. It models the social framework that builds relationships for life and kindles imagination. Play gives children the chance, in a world where so many carry heavy burdens, to simply be children. It is through play that children learn best."

- The Canadian Childcare Federation, Resource Sheet #77

Why pick Hobby Hill Preschool

  • We are the only Parent Participation Preschool in the Fraser Valley.
  • Your child will always remember the special things you did together and the artwork you created with them.
  • You and your child will make life-long friendships within our network and community of involved families.
  • You will gain valuable knowledge and parenting techniques through our Parent Education meetings.
  • Some of your child’s first friends will be from the Hobby Hill community as you watch your child grow up with their classmates.

Benefits of Parent Participation

At Hobby Hill Parent Participation Preschool, parents get to be present in the heart of the class throughout the year. You have the joy of witnessing these children play, experiment, form friendships, overcome struggles, and grow from 2 and 3-year-olds to kindergarteners in front of your eyes.

What Parents say

About Us

Our Programs

We are a play-based, parent participation preschool located in the Heritage Promontory Flats Schoolhouse on Promontory. Our school provides children with opportunities to enhance their gross and fine motor skills, imagination, and social skills.

The school year runs from September to June with breaks over Christmas and during Spring Break in March. Parents can register their child for September in the year that their child turns three.

Our Building

Our heritage building was built in 1909 as the Promontory Flats Schoolhouse and is now home to Hobby Hill Preschool, founded in 1976. Our classroom has large windows with lots of natural light, creating a bright, open atmosphere. We have a fantastic selection of toys that we rotate in addition to our sensory bin, sand table, art areas, science shelves, reading area, and play kitchen.

In the basement, we have a large wooden play structure with a slide and plenty of space for imagination and gross motor skills. Students each have their own cubby for shoes and coats which they decorate with a photo collage at the beginning of the year.

Outside, we have an expansive play area that features a real tractor, teeter-totter, tire swing, play structure, mature trees, and plenty of space for free play. Both the 3’s class and 4’s class get to enjoy outside play time after snack.

Parent Participation

We are the only Parent Participation Preschool in the Fraser Valley. This unique style of preschool allows you to spend time in the classroom a few days a month and creates a special community within the school. Lifelong friendships are often formed between students and parents.

In addition to participating in class, each family has a job to help with the running of the school. These include administrative and hands on behind the scenes tasks that can be completed at home, non-classroom tasks at the school, and Executive Positions at the Board level.

On the last Wednesday of the month (excluding December and June), families attend Parent Education Meetings. These two hour, in person meetings allow all families to connect outside the classroom, as well as an educational component comprising a different monthly topic applicable to raising young children, and a classroom management session.

Frequently Asked Questions

3’s Class

  • The 3’s class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 11am.
  • The teacher for the 3’s class is Miss Janice.
  • The fee for the 3’s class is $165 per month.

4’s Class

  • The 4’s class meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9am to 11:30am.
  • The teacher for the 4’s class is Miss Monique.
  • The fee for the 4’s class is $210 per month.

Absolutely! There are a variety of jobs suited to different schedules and time commitments to allow flexibility around work schedules. The Class Rep schedules the Duty Roster in advance and is able to accommodate different scheduling requests.

Parents or other caregivers such as grandparents or nannies are welcome to do Duty Days. More than one adult per family may do Duty Days as long as requirements are met.

Sometimes things happen and a parent must miss a duty day. Often parents are able to switch duty days, or in case of an emergency, the class emergency parent can cover the duty day on short notice.

Sometimes children or parents get sick, and we encourage all children and parents who are sick to stay home until symptoms improve. If your child has diarrhea, please stay home until 24 hours has passed since the last incident. If you are unable to make your duty day, please contact other parents or the emergency parent to cover your day. Please call the school at 604-858-5579 to let the teacher know that you will not be in class that day.

Hobby Hill offers a brief maternity leave for new parents. During this time you are not required to do your duty days but are welcome to bring your baby to Parent Education meetings and any other preschool events.

Unfortunately, due to Licensing Requirements, only children enrolled in the program are able to be present during regular class times. However, parents are often willing to trade baby-sitting during duty days.

You can expect to do 2-3 Duty Days in the classroom per month, as well as your family job. Each job requires different time commitments and can be as simple as picking up a few supplies during your own grocery shop and submitting the receipt for reimbursement to being on the Executive Board and taking a more active role in running the school.

In addition to duty days, and a school job, parents attend a 2-hour long Parent Education meeting on the last Wednesday of every month.

Should a duty parent be unable to attend a Parent Education meeting, they will be given a missed meeting package. This may include watching a video or reading some material on the missed topic. Missed meetings must be made up within a week of the meeting being missed.

Some children find it harder to be away from their caregivers than others. Our teachers are very compassionate and will work with you to make your child feel comfortable and secure in the classroom. This varies for each child, but please be assured that we will find a solution that works for your family.

Our classes at Hobby Hill are inclusive to everyone and our teachers are happy to work with parents and aides to provide the best experience for your child. When registering, please inform us of any needs that your child has so that we can put a plan in place for the beginning of the school year. However, due to the heritage nature of our building, we may not be able to accommodate certain physical considerations.

We encourage all children to be potty trained before entering our program while understanding that all children achieve this milestone in their own way in their own time.

Prior to the first day of class, we ask that parents provide a full change of clothes and a pair of indoor shoes to be kept in their child’s cubby. We also ask parents and children to create a special collage to put up in their child’s cubby; the students love to show off their collages to one another and it gives them a special piece of home to keep at preschool. Teachers also require an individual and family photo for program use. Any prescription medications may need to be considered as well.


During non-COVID times, Students, teachers, and Duty Parents all sit together at the tables and share a snack brought by the day’s Duty Families. We are careful of any allergies and dietary restrictions: information is shared and posted.

During COVID each child brings their own snack and water bottle.

The Teachers

Miss Janice

3's Teacher

Hello! My name is Janice Scott and I have had the joy of playing at Hobby Hill Preschool since 1988. I have my Early Childhood Certificate and my Special Needs Diploma as well as some Speech and Language training. I also provide a Speech program at the Chilliwack Landing Preschool and Kindergarten three days a week.

I volunteer at the Chilliwack Hospice Thrift store and enjoy walking, hiking, travelling, reading, Pinterest, DIY and my fun cats! I have two wonderful sons who attented Hobby Hill.

I have many special friendships from being a part of Hobby Hill and love living in our Chilliwack community. I look forward to meeting and learning from you and your family.

Miss Monique

4's Teacher

Miss Monique has been teaching at Hobby Hill since 2018, and before that she spent four years here as a parent while her two children were attending the program. A near life-long resident of Chilliwack, Miss Monique resides on Fairfield Island with her husband (also Hobby Hill Alumni!), son, and daughter.

Miss Monique received her Early Childhood Education Certificate in 2005, Infant Toddler Diploma in 2006, and Special Needs Diploma in 2010, and is continuously taking workshops to add new tools to her toolkit. Miss Monique is passionate about early childhood and volunteers in a perinatal support and nutrition program for moms and their children. When not at Hobby Hill, Miss Monique enjoys crafting, reading, and spending time outside.

Miss Monique and her children still keep in touch with their Hobby Hill friends, and she looks forward to watching her students and their families do the same. Hobby Hill is such a special place, and she looks forward to sharing it with you.

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Book a site visit and we'd be happy to show you around.



3's Class $165 per month
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • 9am to 11am
  • $75 non-refundable Registration Fee
4's Class $210 per month
  • Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays
  • 9am to 11:30am
  • $75 non-refundable Registration Fee
Drop-In $3 per day
  • Tuesdays from Jan-Jun
  • 12pm to 1:15pm
  • No Registration Fee
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Call us 604-858-5579

We are located at 5650 Teskey Way, Chilliwack, BC V2R 4V8

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